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meet the team

Welcome to the fruit | your new growing ground

Here at Fruitful Living, we are focused on planting, developing, and cultivating God's people to excel and operate in excellence in all areas, realms, and levels of their lives. This concept is known as FRUITFULNESS! Our mission is to ensure each individual who follows us, to tap into their potential and achieve their God-given purpose and destiny. 


Our hiStory

Fruitful Living Church was planted on the first Sunday of November (Nov. 7th) in 2021. After a year of conducting Virtual Bible Study's on Thursday nights, our Founder and Senior Pastor, Ellis T. Cofield, III set out to plant the first Fruitful Living campus. Currently, Fruitful Living Church holds service at Southampton Middle School in Courtland, VA. This happens to be the middle school Pastor Cofield attended during his childhood.

Meet The Team

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